A workshop with students of education, Gargi College (DU) on the dynamics of classroom interaction

Does the Classroom exist  only between the  four walls? Or is life itself  the greatest classroom . We may learn many lessons, facts and theories within the confinement  of the classroom but the lessons which make our life meaningful emerge  from the trajectory of life itself – the pain of losing a dear friend; the happiness of listening to an old song at an unknown railway platform; the wonder of looking at the night sky  and  dancing in  the full moon . It is through this that we discover the fragrance of existence and begin to live holistically. Education is the process of igniting the flame of consciousness .
In the same context  a teacher plays an important role in our life. A good teacher does not only teach but she is also the one who understands the inquisitive mind of the student and helps her find her vocation and the deeper meaning of life. But the paradox of our times is that, we have all the  facilities    but no  real teachers.  Becoming a  teacher today  is  only a professional desire and not  necessarily a quest towards a true education .  Educating our educators is the greatest challenge of our times -how do we make them sensitive, reflexive and open to new ideas, how can we help them move beyond cynicism  and find new possibilities?
The New Leaf firmly believes that educating the educators is the  most important initiative and through our workshops, meetings and discussions with young teachers we wish to help them rediscover the vocation of teaching.


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