From the Editor’s Desk

It is a foggy morning and darkness has limited the sky. But a cup of black coffee is helping me to communicate with my readers.
As I discussed in our last issue that we are completing a year of our endeavor. We realize how quickly time has passed, it seems like the thin stream of water running through the sands; that reflect the whole journey but can’t be touched or walked  on again. During the journey we found many curves in our path;  while some ignited a flame in  the darkness there were some on which we had to walk unwillingly.
One of the major twists came when the name of our magazine had to be changed from The New Leaf to The New Leam . Friends, we have not changed the name of our magazine intentionally but due to bureaucratic and legal constraints, despite the hardship we decided to cope with the circumstances.   The word Leam  signifies  ‘a ray of light’. The light that illuminates the darkness, the  philosophy of our endeavor is also to bring a new light of hope in existence.
You would agree with me that we consider miracles to be extraordinary magical actions  like walking on water or on air but I believe that the greatest miracle is to be able to walk on the earth itself. Despite all difficulties if we are walking on the same path that we have chosen, then this itself  is a miracle. From our authors to the readers and team members and  those all who took an alternative decision in life inspite of  all the challenges ,are no less than miracles for me! Your faith in us and our belief in the work that we have undertaken is a miracle that is inspiring us every moment  to bring out this magazine  with freshness and depth. A new issue is in your hand, an issue that wants to whisper in your ears.
In the current issue we have tried to combine various articles broadly related   to gender-  critically examining the contemporary challenges to womanhood  seen through the lens of  society,culture and education.

Now the time has come for the  darkness to be conquered by the new leam and the glory of the sky will reveal itself once again;  the first ray of the new dawn will touch the snow clad peaks of Nandadevi  and in this sacred moment nature will write its finest poetry.
With the hope  that this light illuminates your life, from The New Leam team we wish you all a great coming year 2016.

 – Vikash Sharma


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