The Nation and its People

People belong to the nation. Does the nation belong to them? Image- The New Leam Staff

The nation reproduces itself through its grand architecture, historic monuments and other symbols of sovereignty. But what about people—ordinary people living and working in silence? As the camera is endowed with a penetrating socio-anthropological imagination, the stories of the nation and its people begin to unfold themselves.

By Vikash Sharma, The New Leam, New Delhi





  1. A beautiful discovery. I just saw The New Leam photo essay:’ Nation and Its People’. The theme is relevant, and the camera has captured both the symbols of the nation, and the experiences of people. As an educational practice, it is a refreshing measure. Politics and sociology are taught in a manner that can rescue one from the technical language of academic books and journals. A blend of good pictures and revealing captions. Well done.

    Arundhati Sanyal

  2. Pictures speak louder than a thousand words. The subaltern lens of the camera throws up poignant, hard hitting images that lay bare the real face of the nation- the countless, nameless souls with their frailties, vulnerabilities, despair, hunger, helplessness and dejection. Faces that are often forgotten in the grandeur of nationalism. Faces that each have a story to tell that challenges the hegemonic narrative of the great nation. Faces that haunt our conscience for an answer. Faces that compel us to ask whose nation is it anyways?

    Kudos to the photographer and The New Leam for publishing this!


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