It was inevitable. It was bound to happen. Our hollow slogans, our absolute indifference to the safety of sanitation workers, and above all, our ceaseless consumption causing the cancerous growth of the hill of garbage—where do we find ourselves today? Our massive hydro power projects are likely to demolish the eco-system of the majestic Himalayas. But don’t worry. We will create a new mountain—the mountain of garbage containing the bottles of Pepsi and wine, plastic and broken mobile/computer parts. Economists would calculate the ‘growth rate’; the aspiring middle class would demand more malls, more cars, more plastic; and the ruling class would declare an accident of this kind as mere aberration, and declare a token compensation money for the victims.

Should we reflect on the pathology of this ‘risk society’ that our modernity and development has created? Or should we see it as another passing phenomenon?

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