News – entertainment and its misplaced priorities

Republic TV Head Aarnab Goswami


In the age of consumption journalism tends to lose its depth and seriousness. With television visuals and competition among multiple news channels,  it becomes exceedingly difficult to distinguish the serious from the trivial. No wonder, prime time news looks like glossy page 3 reporting.

Image Source : CNN NEWS

When television channels  spend considerable amount of time in interviewing Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan in order to know about his affairs or relationships, we realize how shallow our news channels have become. We are passing through terrible economic crisis, social unrest and marginalization of the poor. It is sad that as news becomes entertainment , our priorities are altered.

Image Source : REPUBLIC TV

The personal life of a superstar becomes more important than the issues  of collective concern.

Do we need to switch off our television sets?

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