A Walk through the Clouds in Ramgarh

Ramgarh is a small hamlet located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. An undisturbed view of the Himalayan peaks can be enjoyed from this place. Here is a photo-essay on the myriad emotions and existential dilemmas that the abundant natural landscape of Ramgarh invokes in every traveler prepared to walk the path less traveled.

Ananya Pathak is working with The New Leam.


Image : Ananya Pathak

From dusk to dawn as the traveler walks the sunlit path, she realises that for every step that she has taken on the muddy road ahead of her she has taken a hundred steps within the deepest lanes of her inner being. Before she even takes notice, the journey to the external has already become the greatest pilgrimage within…

Image: Ananya Pathak

The traveler has often heard from friends and colleagues that the sunrise is beautiful as it epitomizes the onset of the mighty day but when she sits solitary looking at the sun fade away into the distant horizon she realises the sheer grace, the poetry and the softness that the setting sun beholds.

Many travelers came and left; many dreams have been seen and shattered but there are some companionship that have transcended the fluidity of time. The trees and the abundant sky have always stood unconditionally for the mighty mountains. Silent and together in the turbulence of time.

Image: Ananya Pathak

Paths that offer certainty often have crowds on them but those that offer miracles of innocence and surprise are walked upon only by the rare traveler. The beauty of life lies in its mystery and we have destroyed its essence by reducing it into a mathematical calculation.

Image: Ananya Pathak

Unperturbed by time and movement the benevolent nature stands ahead; perhaps it is its permanence and strength that at once scare and illuminate, addict and elevate. For all the years that I walk the face of this earth let me always find my way back into its depths. Let me be humble and let me pray.


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