DIALOGUE|Does Contemporary Social Media Resemble the Panoptican in the Foucauldian Scheme?

Our readers would recall that few days back we raised a debate on “Does Contemporary Social Media Resemble the Panoptican in the Foucauldian Scheme?”. Here is a responds to this critical agenda.

T.K. Aman | Bhagalpur, Bihar

I am grateful to you for raising such an important issue which we are so conveniently taking for granted in the modern times. We seem to be constantly under surveillance and at a time where destructive forces such as terrorism, political violence, crimes against women etc have begun to take place at an unprecedented scale we seem to have somewhere given our consent to being watched over all the time. From airports, malls, public spaces to flight, trains and examination halls, the CCTV cameras have encroached upon every possible sphere of life.

Post-Modernity and Techno slavery

The advertising industry has made this sound so naturalised and unproblematic that we too have begun to accept it as the threshold of human security.  The fabric of society that is supposed to be made of trust, understanding and mutual faith have all collapsed and an ambiance of mistrust and violence have become the latest trends.  The social media syndrome too has had a major role to play here as it is often used to spread rumor, false news or prejudices and negativity.

We have become so addicted to our techno-gadgets that they have enslaved us and made us completely incapable of living without them even for a single minute.

The important questions that The New Leam seems to have raised should be circulated widely and all of us should think about these things.


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