Walking Down Memory Lane


The ongoing month of December is extremely special for The New Leam team, our readers and authors as we collectively engage in the celebrations of completing three meaningful years of our journey. Most of you must be aware that the very first issue of the magazine was published in December 2014. The journey began with a realization that there is indeed an urgent need for a creative and positive innovation in the field of education and culture.

The idea upon which we have consistently tried to build up our work on was that there ought to be a bridge that helps in the linking of theory and practice and also which can act as a catalyst for invoking the soul of education – its holistic and life-affirming approaches that seem to be often compromised upon in the scenario of modern educational practices with their emphasis on market compatibility, dry skills and detachment from existential quests of man. Our philosophy, creative initiatives and diverse publications are collectively trying to create a much needed platform for sustainable research, creative dialogue and synthesis in the interrelated fields of education, culture and social practices.

Over the last three years we have found ourselves successful in creating a platform where diverse ideas, voices and experiences in the forms of papers, articles, reports and researches came to us from around the world. We have been able to reach out to innovative and creative minds from different corners of the nation. Your responses have made us realize that a magazine is not just an aggregate of pages, glossy images and illustrations but rather a creative and meaningful venture that carries within its womb the potential to speak of an alternative possibility and generates a positive awareness within the existing social realities.
Every issue of the magazine is unique.

We put in deep labor to bring out the best for our readers: the artistic cover page, diverse columns and reflections, thoughtprovoking discussions and debates, eye-opening stories of promise and so on and so forth. The efforts are dedicated towards maintaining the aesthetics and philosophy that The New Leam has always stood for.

In the end, I would like to extend my gratitude to our readers, contributors and to all our well-wishers who have been with us from the beginning motivating us throughout.
We request our readers to continue their valuable association with The New Leam and help us spread the word.

– Vikash Sharma


The New Leam has no external source of funding. For retaining its uniqueness, its high quality, its distinctive philosophy we wish to reduce the degree of dependence on corporate funding.  We believe that if individuals like you come forward and SUPPORT THIS ENDEAVOR can  make the magazine self-reliant in a very innovative way.


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