CBI Judge Loya’s Death and the Buried Facts

Judge Loya’s son said that neither he nor his family members had doubts on anybody and that his father had died under natural circumstances. Last year the family had expressed suspicion and doubt over judge death but now they seem to be withdrawing these claims. In an ambience of threat and violence and growing political unrest in the country – these statements hide much more than they convey.

Kavya Thomas | The New Leam

The young son of Special CBI judge Brijmohan Loya who died in 2014 during the time when he had been presiding over the hearing of the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case told the media that he and his family had no suspicions regarding the death of his father. He also told that his family was convinced that his father had died in natural circumstances and there was no suspicion. He also pointed out that they did not want to drag anybody’s name in the case and wished to be left alone.

A news story in The Caravan Magazine had quoted judge Loya’s father say in 2017 that he had suspicion that somebody had plotted the death of his son. The judge’s son today said that now none of the family members have any doubt and all they wish for is that the media and civil society bodies should leave them in peace. It must also be noted that petitions regarding judge Loya’s death are currently pending before the Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court.

Anuj Loya – CBI Judge B H Loya’s son / Image Source : PTI

When an issue of this kind comes to the forefront what we do witness is the fact that sometimes even the families of those who have suffered a tremendous loss find it difficult to gather the strength to speak up against the injustice that is being perpetrated against them.

In an ambience of stark fear and violence when the truth is difficult to reach out to and the judiciary seems more partially inclined than ever to the holders of political power- it really poses a serious threat to the vibrant culture of social justice and the faith that the people of this country uphold in the strength of the impartial judiciary.

It is crucial in this context for the people of this nation to understand that any injustice must be addressed to and if the judge died in a way that is unnatural that it deserves to be probed into. It is sad that today the judge’s son cannot open his mouth and ask why his father had to die. In similar contexts we see how celebrities who commit heinous crimes have often been released on bail while those with petty crimes and no money have been locked up for years. Fighting cases, searching for honest lawyers and resisting the fear have been challenges that many who wish to fight for the truth have faced.

The statement of Mr Loya’s son must be understood in the true context and we must understand why the family’s statements may have taken such a drastic change. It is important for us to think of this issue in the context of the broader issues facing the country  and if we choose to ignore it we will be compromising on the very ethics that is central to the sustenance of a truly egalitarian and democratic culture.


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