Are Smartphones the New Opium of the Masses?


Illustration credit :Raconteur

In hyper modern times mobile phones and social media platforms have brought about a new form of slavery into society. It is found that today we spend most of our time on phones compulsively addicted to social media. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to suggest that in postmodern times mobile phones are fast becoming the opium of the masses. Most of today are psychologically enslaved by social media and live in the world virtual realities more than in real world itself. Our ideas, expressions and actions are being monitored and directed accordingly. Now the challenge is how we may differentiate between the reality and the simulations born out of the virtual. Most youngsters are affected by the online syndrome and cannot afford to negotiate and deal with the concreteness and reality of the practical world- its relationships, its upheavals and dilemmas and its challenges.

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  1. Indeed, an important theme for the debate. At times, I feel this sort of over indulgence with technology has made us stupid, deprived us of our own creativity, our ability to live with ourselves, experience silence, and do things which are not mediated by these fancy gadgets.

  2. Really, i used to wonder that where our youth is going . It is not going anywhere, it’s busy in the virtual world away from the realistic problems.


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