Life at school has been of interest to educationists, pedagogues and social scientists for its distinct nature, its potential to build the character and mind of the learner and because of the several politico-cultural currents it is influenced by.  In the poem below the poet has attempted to look at the process of schooling from an artistic eye and to delve into the paradox of compartmentalized education. 


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A day in school begins with prayer

When children look everywhere

Hands folded, they pray everyday

With the hope to just play someday

 Across the table in the classroom

Sit children with a sense of gloom

Waiting to be enlightened

By the teacher at the high end

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The students  are distracted

To their studies, not attracted

With syllabus so dense

Even teachers are tense
 HPSC2213-page-001 - Copy (5)

Textbooks are celebrated

Storybooks lie hibernated

Examinations are worshiped

Experiences rarely cherished
 HPSC2213-page-001 - Copy (6)Parents too, caught in a bind

Willy-nilly, go through the grind

Using love, anger and tricks galore

Push children to score more and more

HPSC2213-page-001 - Copy (2)
To obey, without questioning

To cram, without understanding

To learn, without enjoying

To make them lose perspective

Is that the school’s objective?

                                  –  Disha Nawani*

*Disha Nawani  is  Professor  at School of Education Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Illustrations- Kavin Ghatak

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  1. Here is a wonderful merger of poetry and sociology. This sensitivity to education is what we need.


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