We Have More Than 100 Bits of Plastic in Food


Household dust can have plastic content that people consume.

The New Leam Staff


It has been acknowledged that the food people consume can have a great degree of plastic content inside it. It has been reported that people consume over 100 bits of plastic in every meal when polymers from furnishings and fabric become part of dust and gather in the plate.

Research conducted in Heriot-Watt University,UK  involved putting Petri dishes having dust trap near to dinner plates in three homes at meal times. Up to 14 pieces of plastic were there in the dishes at the end of a 20-minute meal. This means that more than 114 plastic fibers are falling on the dinner plate.

The plastic fibers found in the home-cooked meals did not come from the food or the environment, but through the household dust.  It has been stated that the plastic is injurious for wellbeing.



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