Reflecting on International Challenges


There are several issues going on across the globe that often get taken for granted. Reasserting the issues and building thought provoking insights enables us to empower the intellect.

The New Leam Staff

Many issues occur across the world each day but when we rethink the greater social and political effect of the issue we are enabled to rethink the world in a meaningful fashion.  Following are a few major issues that the world is facing.

Syria has experienced a tragedy that has killed more than 40 people and injured many. Russia and America exchange the blame for tragic gas-attack.

Syria Chemical bomb attack / Image : Youtube

In Syria the attack by chemical weapons has led to the death of more than 40 people and injured hundreds of people. Both America and Russia are blaming each other.  In the process of exchanged blaming both the countries have said that they will hold the other accountable and bring back harmony in Syria. Photos of children affected by the gas attack reassert how common masses suffer when national governments become aloof to their aspirations.  The children, women and men who died because of the gas attack where the common population of Syria and their rights to a dignified life are perpetually denied. Have civilization, the culture of democratic politics, the reassertion of the moral question and the ethical principle lost their significance? The dying children in Syria are asking the world to rethink its politics.

The colourful transformation in Ambedkar’s dress by the BJP and the BSP depict the crisis in Indian democracy.

BR Ambedkar statue in Uttar Pradesh |Image Credit : PTI

Ambedkar’s statue was installed in a village in Uttar Pradesh by the BJP government. The statue was saffron in colour.  Ambedkar’s statue has been painted blue by BSP workers. At a time when the plight of the marginalised sections of the society and people from the lower castes is in crisis and they are unable to lead a dignified lifestyle, it is ironical that parties are engaged in deliberation on the colour of statues.  The work that governments are supposed to do to empower individuals, build infrastructure for health, school and employment- is being neglected. A leader of Ambedkar’s potential empowered ordinary individuals and enabled communities to reassert their rights. Will the contemporary culture of democratic politics rethink its duties?

A passenger train in Orissa runs without an engine. In the era of bullet trains are ordinary trains no longer significant?

Orrisa train running without engine / Image Source: Youtube

Many passengers in Orissa had a narrow escape when more than 20 coaches of the Ahemedabad-Puri Express moved for 15 kms without an engine. The staff stopped the train by putting rocks on the track.  It would have led to the death of hundreds of passengers. It is being said that India will soon become a superpower. Are the infrastructural facilities utilised by the common individual of no significance to the nation-state?

The idea that stimulates transformation is the potential of ordinary people to think and reflect on issues that affect their lives.  It is a shared aspiration that communities must strive for.



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