Police Lathi-charge on B.Ed Students in Lucknow


In Lucknow B.Ed. students who were engaged in protest against unemployment have been lathi charged by police after which the students engaged in stone pelting. Unemployment continues to be a critical concern for India for which the government does not do enough.

The New Leam Staff

B.Ed. students held a protest and marched towards the Chief Minster’s house. Image Source : Twitter

We live in a nation where unemployment continues to be one of the major issues. Several young people continue to search for jobs and this may lead to disillusionment. In a recent event in Lucknow, a group of B.Ed. students held a protest and marched towards the Chief Minster’s house. The students demanded jobs and protested against the issue of employment.

According to reports the student protest turned stubborn and the police lathi charged. Several students were injured. The students resorted to throwing stones on police people. Unemployment is an issue that needs to be immediately addressed by the nation-state ad many young individuals in spite of having required qualifications are compelled to remain unemployed. It is also fundamental for nation states to generate many more sources were employment is manufactured, the development of the job sector is of great significance in the context.

UP students are only a minute population of young job aspirants in the country- similar voices can be seen across the nation. The issue has to be addressed with acknowledgement of the contemporary scenario and has to be accorded priority. It is not surprising that job seekers protest to enable the nation state to heed their demands. The police lathi charge is condemnable and the government must acknowledge and address this issue immediately.



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