LPG Cylinders Costlier Than Before: Absence of ‘Achche Din’ From the Ordinary Citizen’s Existence


The cost of LPG cylinders grows across several cities initiating nationwide agitation among communities.

The New Leam Staff

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People in the country are experiencing issues as the fuel prices continue to be unstable. In another shock to the public after a continuous hike in fuel prices across the several weeks, prices for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) have increased by Rs 2.34 and Rs 48 for subsidised and non-subsidised cylinders respectively in the national capital on Friday.

The revised prices for subsidised (14.2 Kg) cylinder in Delhi is Rs 493.55, and of  non-subsidised cylinder is Rs 698.50.States apart from like Delhi like Kolkata have cylinder prices of Rs 496.65, Rs 491.31 in Mumbai and Rs 481.84 in Chennai. On-subsidised LPG cylinders are available at Rs 723.50 in Kolkata, Rs 671.50 in Mumbai and Rs 712.50 in Chennai.

The government is facing massive criticism for not curbing cylinder prices for 16 consecutive days until May 30, when prices were brought by just 1 paisa.

On Thursday, petrol prices were reduced by 7 paise, and another 6 paise on Friday. In Delhi, Petrol costs Rs 78.29 a litre, while diesel price has been revised to Rs 69.20 a litre. It is ironic that the present government inspire of having promised people a better life has not been efficient in ensuring that people are able to access a basic necessity like LPG are a subsidized rate.

The hike in petrol/LPG rates implies that a great section of the people will not be able to buy cylinders or afford essential commodities when they become costlier.  The government must ensure that people across sections are able to access basic necessitates. Fuel is a necessity that determines the prices of several commodities and so it must be regulated immediately



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