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In this section our readers can Join the ongoing debates and express their ideas by sending in their important letters to – thenewleam@gmail.com

I must begin by congratulating The New Leam for not only bringing up issues that matter but also for generating an altogether new perspective on them. I feel that today we live in a time where various kinds of challenges engulf us-political, cultural, economic and educational. It is for this reason that I assert that the development of a holistic vantage point becomes necessary. The New Leam for me has become synonymous to a nuanced, intricate and non-partisan world view that allows people to look beyond the facts and develop thinking, reasserts an agency that light up the flame of possibility and enables people to question the very premises of contemporary living. The articles of this week were a beautiful combination of issues ranging from ecology, university autonomy and crisis in higher education, the pathology of shelter homes meant for the destitute and of course critical perspectives on a wide array of current events. As a reader I am enthused to come back again and again for your updates, they make me familiar to the world I reside in but also help me develop my own thinking. I no longer feel dull and helpless and see the coming back of an agency that many of us think that we have lost. I am thankful to you for generating immense positivity when the times are dark.

  •   Shazia Ali, Mumbai


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