Here is yet another revealing poem The New Leam feels happy to share with its readers.

The Strategy

 Kunwar Narain 

For thousands of years the same man

is being attacked like a battered old sum

is being asked over and over again, 

 Who are you?

Where do you come from?

What is your name?

In an octagonal room with eight unmoving corners

the prisoner doubles as the prison keeper,

he walks up and down,

holding three prison guards behind the bars,

outside like invisible magnetic lines

spreads the jungle of iron bars that catch, and confine.

It certainly is the most unassailably profound proof

of the success of a tremendously well executed

military maneuver. 

That as soon as we grip a gun between our palms

we begin to see the enemy everywhere.

Translated from Hindi by Mrinal Pande.


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