Vedanata Says it is yet to Receive High Court Order on Sterlite and Other Stories


    Vedanata Says it is yet to Receive High Court Order on Sterlite

    The Sterlite copper plant in Thoothukudi was closed on 27 March, by order of the Tamil Nadu government.

    Vedanta said that it is yet to receive order from High Court on Sterlite Plant. A petition was filed demanding 750 crore compensation and asserted that it will evaluate the further course of action upon the study of the same. Vedanata said that it will issue a statement once they received an order from the High Court.

    Shiv Sena Critiques PM for Not Talking About Rupee Slide in Republic Day Speech

    The Shiv Sena condemned the PM for not speaking on the rupee slide in his Independence Day speech at the Red Fort. They emphasised that while the speech emphasised upon the Modi government’s developmental achievements he did not give adequate stress on the decline in the status of the rupee against the US dollar. The Shiv Sena questioned the BJP’s projects with reference to the fall in rupee.

    Kerala Floods Bring Havoc

    Continuous rains in Kerala over the last many days have brought in floods. More than 70 people have already died and hundreds of others are stranded. Relief operations are going on and several relief camps have been made across the state, to serve those whose homes have been flooded. It is being reported that more than 40,000 people have already taken shelter in these relief camps. The rescue teams that are working have feared that hundreds of people still remain stranded.

    Every Third Person in Assam’s Hojai is Out of the NRC

    Enough controversy has been circulated around the NRC. In a recent report it has been stated that in Assam’s Hojai one in every three people have been left out from the NRC. 33% of the population from Hojai district who applied in the NRC has been left out from the list. Only 5% from the population are considered as original inhabitants of Assam and the rest are migrants from Bangladesh, UP and Bihar. The people are worried that the situation may worsen as more and more people discover that their names are missing in the list; the missing names mean that these individuals will no longer have constitutional rights and citizenship as status in the nation.

    Mob Injured Three and Kills One in Assam

    Rumours that a group of three people were cow thieves led to lynching in Assam. The incident took place in Biswanath district in upper Assam where three people were injured and one was killed. A team of twenty men attacked them upon allegations that they had come to steal away cows. This is one among a series of instances of lynching that have been taking place in Assam and UP over the last many months.


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