VIDEO | Protest in Bihar over sexual atrocities in shelter home


Several groups in Bihar have launched a protest against sexual atrocities against inmates of the shelter home in Muzaffarpur. The protests are taking place in Patna. In many parts of the state such as Nalanda, Jahanabad, Gaya left-wing groups are staging protests. In several areas across the state, the protest has impacted everyday functioning including passage of trains. The Opposition is demanding the resignation of Nitish Kumar over the alleged negligence. The Supreme Court has ordered the Bihar government to refrain from showcasing the faces of these girls in the media. The story came to the center of attraction after a special audit carried out by the Tata Institute of Social sciences revealed the pathology of the shelter home for girls in Muzaffarpur.


  1. This is very interesting that we all will get chance to articulate our inner conflict and dilema in your response section.


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