Finding Ganesha in the Potter’s Lane


On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi we take our readers on a journey to one of the numerous potters’ lanes in the capital where the artist’s labour and creative agency bridge together to unfold a transformative and inspiring reality of existence.

Ananya Pathak | Features Editor | The New Leam


Luminous and pristine shines the idol of Ganesha amidst a plethora of colours in the potter’s lane. Every bit of carving and the artist’s final touch has given life to the majestic aura of the elephant God of Hindu mythology. Photography : Ananya Pathak/The New Leam

Perfection comes with practice and devotion comes with trust. As this artisan paints a white idol of Ganesha into a spectrum of colours, the mundane and the profane combine in a sacred symphony. The ultimate manifestation of the divine is truly a play of magical creation and creative genius. Photography : Ananya Pathak/The New Leam

Bharat Mata fetches water from distant wells in rural India, she climbs hills to find fresh fodder for her cattle, and she labours under the scorching sun all day. While she lives her life in pain and struggle, dream and disillusionment, she comes close to the fragrance of God which is blowing in the wind.  Photography : Ananya Pathak/The New Leam

These Ganesha idols adorn the potter’s lane and are available in all sizes and colours.  They depict the patient hands and creative eyes of a remote artisan who gave his blood and soul into its creation.  Photography : Ananya Pathak/The New Leam

The God of prosperity and auspicious beginnings, the Ganesha decorated with radiant colours and glitter brings some days of respite and celebration for the marginal artisans and sculptors who manage to attract a greater number of customers during such festivities.  Photography : Ananya Pathak/The New Leam

While some idols are painted others symbolise the colour of virgin earth- the play of colour and darkness, nature and civilization, prose and poetry, mind and the heart is unfolding in all spheres of our existence.  Photography : Ananya Pathak/The New Leam


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