MeToo Allegations Against AIR Employees


Last week the AICACU wrote a letter to Maneka Gandhi to probe into the matter of negligence that women who filed complaints of sexual assault against the permanent employees of All India Radio faced and requested her to hold a through probe. The complaints come at a juncture where women throughout the nation are walking together to oppose sexual oppression.

The New Leam Staff

The casual employees union wrote a letter to Maneka Gandhi that sexual harassment allegations against many permanent employees of All India Radio had been pushed aside and not enquired into.

The casual employees union wrote to Maneka Gandhi that the complaints of sexual harassment against several permanent employees of AIR had been pushed aside and manhandled.

The union minster of women and child development, Maneka Gandhi has asked the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to conduct a probe into the matter.

The employees union made it clear in their letter that when they made complaints against the permanent employees of AIR for sexually exploiting a woman, they were either neglected or the person who had made the complaint was transferred.

The result of having complained against a male employee in the AIR had also been that the woman who complained was not given any more assignments and was sent to work in another office.

The injustice and harassment that was faced by the employees comes out clearly through the letter which is now a welcome move for addressing the issues of women.

Six women have claimed that they have been sexually exploited by the permanent male employees at AIR and were subjected to lewd words, bad gestures and unwanted sexual advances among many others.

The women’s voices comes as a necessary step in the on-going MeToo movement wherein the women from various professions like journalism, media, cinema, academics have come out and spoke about how they were sexually exploited.

The speaking up by the women of All India Radio is a welcome step towards this positive transformation.

It is hoped that the movement will spread like a fire and invite several more women to come out of the darkness and claim their rights. It is also hoped that the government will carry out a detailed and fair probe into the matter.


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