The Heavy Burden of Agricultural Loss: Kharif Crops Sold Below MSP


The agricultural domain is undergoing a moment of difficulty as the selling price of Kharif crops is falling short of the MSP promised by the State. The loss that have incurred in the process is more than 1,000 Crore so far.

The New Leam Staff

Image Source : Pixabay

We are witnessing a serious time in Indian agriculture as the onset of the Kahrif crops in the market has already generated gigantic loses for the farmers as the selling price of most of these crops is far below the MSP by the State. Ten out of fourteen crops for which MSPs are provided have already been sold in the market for a much lesser price.

It is known that the government declares a MSP (Minimum Selling Price) for 14 kharif crop that begin arriving in the market in October. The national average prices that have been offered by the government for 10 out of the 14 crop have been sharply below what had been expected. The average price for pulses like moon was 25% below than what was expected and a great quantity of the crops has already been old in the market for much less than the MSP. It is estimated that more than 43,000 tonnes of arhar(red gram)have been sold in the market at an average price of Rs 4,630 despite the fact that the MSP announced by the government was Rs 5,675.

Beside lentil other item like soybean has also been sold in the market for far less than the MSP. It is also to be noted that the price of thee crops in the states that are producing more than 90% of the lentils is also significantly less than the national average. This has rendered even greater loses.  It has also been observed that even inside the state the prices have differential averages. There are smaller mandis where certain transactions occur at a greater price and that gets recorded as skewing the average.

In mandis that have a large amount of crops to sell, the prices may seem to appear lesser. This is indicating the fact that the farmers are being compelled to sell their crops in the market at a price which is below the MSP offered by the government and this has led to nationwide loss for the farming community.


  1. Thank you for picking such important issue. The negelegance by goverment officials has grown critical circumstances for farmers.


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