Thousands Protest Draconian Labour Law in Hungary

The streets of Budapest are full of people protesting against its draconian labour law that pushes the labourer into a position of slavery and denies her the dignity of existence. President Viktor Orban will certainly face a challenging situation handling and ensuring people of better times.

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In a recent protest thousands of Hungarian people came out on the streets to protest against a new labour law that has come into the nation where the government has allowed all employers to ask for 250-400 overtime hours from its employees. The streets were overfilled with more than 10,000 people in the city of Budapest to protest against the law which they asserted was oppressive and full of injustice.

They protested against the new labour law as well as the President Viktor Orban’s administration. The people asserted that their discontents were growing and much more anger was generated among the people after two oppressive labour laws were passed this week which went against people’s aspirations and dignity.

Workers throughout the nation are feeling that both these laws passed by the government are against their interests and are not in favour of them. It is the new labour law which has been the centre of worry for many Hungarians because it passes a legislation that allows employers the right to make their employees work overtime by 400 hours annually. They have called the law a slave law because it denies all freedom to the workers.

What makes the law even more oppressive is the facts that apart from making the labourers work 400 hours extra annually, the law also allows employers to deny giving the due payment to the labourers by a maximum of three years.

What this implies is that the employer can make the labourer work for extra hours and can also deny his payment for a maximum of a three year period.  It is no surprise then that this law has been called the slave law.

The president of the nation has been blaming the opposing for enraging the labourers and said that they are created a hill out of a grain of sand. It is known that the president is strongly opposed to immigrants and is a staunch nationalist. He was also allegedly involved in rigging and dampening of the electoral system in Hungary.

The introduction of bad labour laws has ignited protest throughout Hungary. It is argued that the protests that are taking place in Budapest right now are the most violent protests to have taken place in the last ten years. Dozens of people have got arrested and thousands are unprepared to leave the streets.

This is the second protest against the labour law this month. The draconian labour movement has been thoroughly opposed by the people in the nation because it undermines their freedom and reduces them to slaves.

The momentum that this movement has gained across the nation reminds us that if the public is aware and conscious of its political rights, there is no way in which an oppressive regime can run unchallenged. The movement is Hungary is certain to be an inspiration for many nations across the world.


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