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Sridarshana Mukherji

There is so much to learn

To work for people, we all yearn.

Life is real fun,

Provided we stop, smile and enjoy the run.

But is it true for the children in school?

Or does the education system just make one a fool?

Jolly Phonics, Maths, G.K., is beyond school, University and college.

Outside experiences and interactions add to our knowledge.

Storytelling, origami, music, theatre need to be transmitted,

All the skills are there in the teachers fully knitted.

I felt I could not liberate the kids in the shadows of discipline,

Neither did we make them happy or keen; only made them lean.

Textbooks cages the children in school and home,

They become more burdened and alone.

Though teachers are invested

Student’s emotions, voices are still not respected.

Even I have trampled their ecstasy,

Made holes in their world of fantasy.

Can’t we try not following the syllabus?

Oh! Then the education web will put labels.

An endeavour that attempts in this direction is a light for alternative education.

It will need to be a conglomeration of teamwork and interaction.

Let us collectively build a space for mutual growth and prosperity,

Let the happiness of learning; be spread in every town and city.


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