Prime Minister’s Political Rally in West Bengal: Will the B JP Government Outcast a Legacy?


The battle between the Trinamool Congress and the BJP in the state of West Bengal will surely be one between political legacy and the power of assertive political campaigning.

The New Leam Staff

West Bengal Map | Source : India Map

Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his political rally in Bengal from North Siliguri district. He will address another rally at Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata. Prime Minister Modi started the rally by addressing the masses, taking a jibe at the current Chief Minister of Bengal, PM Modi said “There is a speed breaker in West Bengal, which you know by the name of “Didi”…….this “Didi” is the speed breaker of your development. If poverty is eliminated Didi’s policies will be scraped.

He further added that there was chit fund scam in West Bengal and Didi’s ministers, officials and aides ran away with the money of my poor brothers and sisters. They have looted they have looted the poor people”. Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections the Prime Minister’s rally is a strategic affair to garner maximum support and vote in a state where the party has loose footings. The rally is also a response to the “United India” opposition rally organized by Trinamool Congress and various other Opposition parties. United India Opposition rally was organized to showcase the strength of the coalition that has vowed to defeat the Bhartiye Janta Party in the Lok Sabha elections.

The party (BJP) has spent money organizing the rally quite liberally. Considering the scorching heat the ground is covered from all the three sides, the tent includes a three level stage with high security. Approximately 15 lakh rupees have been spent in distributing water bottles and water pouches at the rally, different kinds of food products will be made available for the public.

Mass gatherings at the Biragade parade ground have resulted into significant political impact in the past. Thus it will be interesting to observe the repercussion of Prime Minister’s rally, whether it will be instrumental in debasing the strong hold of Trinamool Congress from the state.

Trinamool Congress is the second largest national party with almost 36 seats. The party has been ruling the state of West Bengal for the past four consecutive terms.

Apparently the state BJP unit has invested a whopping 53 lakh rupees for hiring train coaches which will ferry party volunteers and party people across the country to participate in the rally. BJP state committee member informed the media that their supporters will come from different parts of south Bengal majorly from the 24 Paraganas. Trains from Jhargram, Lalgola and Rampurhat will carry the supporters to Howrah Station. The state committee member further added that the rally is unique in itself because the entire arrangements for the rally from the permissions to the poster distribution of rally, all of it was done in a very short period of time.

Although the venue of the rally held in Siliguri was changed at the last moment, later on the rally was held at the ground near New Jalpaiguri Railway station. The spokesperson accused the Trinamool congress for playing politics by denying them permission as he informed that it wasn’t the first time that the Trinamool Congress had denied permission for holding rallies by the BJP.

Siliguri Rally : BJP unit has invested a whopping 53 lakh rupees for hiring train coaches which will ferry party volunteers and party people across the country to participate in the rally. | PM Modi and Mamata Banerjee/ image Source : IBN and Money control

The rally in West Bengal is considered by the BJP as an event to understand the mood of the public from the ground considering the number of attendees the rally will be instrumental in giving a hint before the elections. 

The Prime Minister’s rally in Siliguri concluded with accusations and questions for the opposition party, Congress. The PM slammed the congress government for asking about the bills and the expenditures of the country’s defense investment, he also rubbished the recently released congress manifesto at the rally. Speaking about the various schemes like Ayushman Bharat, the PM lauded BJP government’s efforts in the state and in the country altogether.

BJP president Amit Shah is looking forward to win at least 36 out of the 42 seats in the state and they have promised to put in all their efforts in doing so.  The upcoming elections will surely bring to light the interesting battle between the Trinamool Congress and the BJP.


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