Congress State Chiefs Resign after Massive Election Debacle

Raj Babbar / Image Credit: PTI

Congress Chief from Uttar Pradesh, Raj Babbar sent his resignation to the congress party headquarters on Friday. Citing poor performance in the Lok Sabha election he resigned stating that he failed to mobilize the masses in UP. Babbar was contesting the Lok Sabha election from Fatehpur Sikri in Uttar Pradesh where he lost to the BJP candidate Rajkumar Chahar.
Raj Babar took to twitter to share his feelings, he tweeted “The results are depressing for the Uttar Pradesh Congress. I find myself guilty of not discharging my responsibility in a proper manner… I will meet the leadership and appraise it of my views. Congratulations to the
winners for winning the confidence of the people.”
Results of the Lok Sabha Assembly elections were announced on 23 rd May 2019.

According to which the BJP became the first ever national party to win more than 300 out 543 seats in the Lok Sabha. Their victory was historic as they managed to break the records in Indian Politics and also their own recorded performances from last year.


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