NDA Clearly Set to Form Government

BJP flag

The nation is eagerly awaiting the results of the 17th Lok Sabha elections and is eager to see who will form the next government at the Centre. While the election season lasted a very long time, the poll commission is finally on to the task of counting the votes today.

As far as the counting that has been done so far suggests it is the NDA which seems geared up for a historic win in tune with the predictions made by the exit polls. We will recall that the recent exit polls showed a similar picture and predicted a quite comfortable win for the BJP led National Democratic Alliance. The trends in the counting that have been appearing thus far, show an uncanny resemblance to the predictions that the exit polls had made. It must also be noted that the voting for these elections unfolded in seven phases throughout the nation and began on April 11 and ended on May 19th,2019.

 It seems like the fevered campaign by the BJP has taken the results overtly in its favour and the exit polls couldn’t be more right. The trends are indicating that the BJP led NDA is surely going to form the upcoming government in the nation. It is currently leading in 338 seats, the Congress led UPA is leading in merely 92 seats and Non-Aligned 112.

In the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat it seems that the BJP would win all the Lok Sabha seats.

In Bengal and Odisha too the BJP has done fairly well and is second only to the TMC and the BJD respectively.

The BJP has successfully taken over Karnataka and entered into almost all the seats in Jharkhand. The case of UP is also strange because the Opposition could not make its mark felt, the BJP has influenced the voters and taken up almost all seats of the state.

The fact is that all the Opposition parties tried in the last couple of months to create a stronger front against the NDA but perhaps the bargain for political power and their distinctive calculations did not allow them to strongly emerge as powerful as they possibly would like to have emerged as.  The BJP is clearly geared up for a massive victory although the final results are not out yet. 


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