Welcome Readers to The New Leam’s New Website


This is an extremely important occasion for us all. The overwhelmingly positive response that we have received from our readers, contributors and well-wishers from different corners of the world have made it possible for us to come so far.  As we celebrate the launch of our new website and present it before our readers, we hope that it successfully captures their attention and invites them to come back on our website again and again.

We live in the age of the digital medium and despite the many debates surrounding it, what we cannot fail to acknowledge is the fact that it has allowed for the increased exchange of ideas and for the circulation of knowledge and creativities. We understand that as a media platform it is our duty and responsibility to provide our readers and visitors with content that is meaningful, engaging and capable of making a difference to their lives.

Because we live in a world where information bombards us from all sides and trivia is often confused for news, we at The New Leam ensure that every story that goes up on our website is meaningful, deep and born out of a commitment to free and independent journalism.

Readers differ in their tastes and needs and therefore our new website, is equipped to cater to the diversity of reading preferences. The New Leam is a one stop destination for a wide variety of readers, who will be engaged by a plethora of content on themes as diverse as news, politics, gender, environment, arts and music, literature amidst many others.  The website boasts of columns such as Headlines, Spotlight, Opinion, Culture, Analysis, Education and Visual Anthropology.  Every day, The New Leam will continue to publish a wide variety of contents relevant to the contemporary reader. 

The reader-friendly format and design accompanied by a great variety and selection of articles is certain to please every type of reader.

As an organisation that believes in independent and free-spirited journalism we strive to retain our quality and commitment to stories that deserve to be told. Your support and encouragement are pivotal to this effort.  At this important juncture, we wish to share with you a concern and commitment that thrives our work.  We strongly believe that in a world where cacophony is confused for information and trivia is mistaken for knowledge, quality journalism can survive and prosper only with the support of its readers. This alone can ensure that it is free of all other interests and compulsions and is committed wholeheartedly to quality journalism.  

Support The New Leam.

We thank you all!


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