Karnataka in Deep Political Crisis as Congress- JD(S)Government May Soon Collapse

Dissident MLAs from JD S and Congress. Photo credit : EPS via TNIE

The state of Karnataka finds itself amidst great political turmoil as we witness how 21 Congress ministers have resigned rendering the government unstable.

This was allegedly an attempt at saving the 13 month long alliance in the state. The attempt included 21  ministers in the JD(S)- Congress resigning from their posts in the government.

It is believed that the ministers had submitted their resignations to the party chief Dinesh Gundu Rao in order to placate the rebel MLAs after having attended a meeting that had been chaired by Karnataka deputy CM G Parameshwara on Monday.

These resignations can be seen as a continuation of the earlier series of resignations in the aftermath of the new political developments in the state of Karnataka when dozens of Congress- JD(S) MLAs submitted their resignations. Before going for the meeting with the ministers in the alliance, the deputy CM G Paramenshwara had said that he would go to any extent in order to save the government.

He said ” We know what the BJP is trying to do. If need be, all of us may resign and then accommodate the MLAs.”

It must be noted that the Congress-JD(S) alliance in the state plunged into deep crisis after their 13 MLAs submitted their resignation letters to the Speaker.

It is believed that out of the 13 MLAs who resigned, atlelast 10 are residing in a hotel at Mumbai. The 13 MLAs have said that they are all together and there is no question of them taking back their resignations. It is believed that the larger number of MLAs who have resigned are  staying at a hotel in Mumbai.

When the party could not help but find itself in this deep political crisis, the members of both the Congress and the JD(S) met to discuss the future course of action that would enable them to save their government.

The CM of Karnataka who recently returned from the USA held a series of meetings  with the leaders of both Congress and the JD(S) to discuss the future course of action.


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