Mob Lynches Again, Bihar’s Baniyapur Kills Three Men on Suspicion

Three lynched on suspicion of cattle theft in Chhapra, Bihar | Image Source : Dainik Jagran

BIHAR | The instances of mob lynching and violence based on rumour/suspicion have drastically been growing over the last couple of months.

Earlier in this month we saw how a man was lynched in Tripura because people alleged that he had stolen their cattle. We have also witnessed several instances where Muslim people have been lynched by moods as they refused to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

The lynching of Tabrez Ansari recently made news because he died in the absence of the police empathy and due to its negligence. In states like West Bengal and Maharashtra too we have seen how mobs have attacked and killed people merely because they failed to utter ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

In another fresh case of mob lynching from Bihar, we see how three men have been lynched in a mob attack in the Baniyapur region. The mob accused that the three men had allegedly stolen cattle from the village and this is the reason why they were forced to attack them.

News reports suggest that the three men arrived in Baniyapur in the early hours of the morning along with a pick up truck that carried cattle. The people of the village caught off the three men and thrashed them till they finally collapsed. The police came at the site and took the three injured men to a hospital in Chhapra, and the doctors declared them dead on arrival.

Their bodies have gone for post-mortem.

While the families of the deceased have filed an FIR against the villagers, the villagers have filed an FIR against the three men for stealing their cattle. So far three men have been arrested in the case and the police is investigating if the deceased were previously involved in criminal cases or not.

What will remain to be seen is whether the government will take any concrete measures to ensure that such brutal instances of mob lynching do not unfold in the nation again or if this case like many others that have unfolded in the recent past will again remain unaddressed.


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