Kishore Kumar Echoed the Dreams of Every Indian

Kishore Kumar

For most Indian music lovers, the voice of the legendary Kishore Kumar is omnipresent in their consciousness. As we commemorate his 90th birth anniversary and think of the enormous contributions that he has made to the Indian film and music industries, it is important for us to understand that Kishore Kumar’s music epitomised the mood of his generation and therefore became its soul.

For many Indians growing up on Bollywood from its golden era, an icon like Kishore Kumar became a presence that fitted to the plethora of moods, aspirations and dreams of his generation.

His songs would follow you everywhere from the antique radio at home, to the puja pandal in the neighbourhood, to the unassuming paan shop and even on a lonely boat ride across the river.

Kishore Kumar’s music became synonymous with each of his listener’s aspirations and even with those who tended to forget the exact lyrics, the tune would linger on.

Kishor Kumar’s magic lay in the fact that he could bring about a catharsis in people’s voices and make his music so relatable that every listener would feel that he has given music to their emotions. From alienation in a newly independent nation, to the dreams of a socialist nature, from homelessness and despair to love and deep romance- Kishore Kumar’s music certainly had a cathartic effect on all kinds of music lovers.

Kishore Kumar’s music is therapeutic, he becomes the ultimate mediator of emotions, his songs had beauty, profundity and celebration. Perhaps it is this unique character of Kishore Kumar’s works that makes him eternal and omnipresent even years after he had left the world.


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