Limiting Opposition’s Say on Brexit, PM Boris Johnson Suspends Parliament

UK PM Boris Johnson | Image - Twitter

Widespread protests are going on in United Kingdom over the prime minister’s decision to suspend the Parliament. The people of Britain took to the streets of London and agitated against the decision of PM Boris Johnson.

The lawmakers have also condemned the decision taken by the PM and gone to the extent of comparing it with a military coup.

A mass protest was organised outside the Houses of Parliament where people participated in large numbers.

In addition to the protest, a petition against PM Johnson’s plan to suspend the parliament has also gained massive success and already exceeded one million signatories.  The leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, Ruth Davidson was one of the two senior leaders to have quit from their posts to resist PM Johnson’s proroguing of the Parliament. Many senior party leaders have expressed their disapproval of the controversial political move made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

George Young, the chief whip in the House of Lords also put forward his resignation after expressing his condemnation of the prime minister’s motives behind the decision.

The parliament is scheduled to remain closed from mid-September to October 14, just two weeks ahead of Britain’s scheduled exit from the European Union.

Johnson denied all allegations that his decision was unconstitutional or undemocratic and said that neither was he trying to silence the lawmakers nor was he discouraging debate in parliament.

The Labour Party has announced that it will initiate an emergency debate on the issue of Brexit next week and that it hopes to introduce a legislation that would block the no-deal Brexit.

The fury and anger of the citizens could be widely seen on the streets of London, as despite a short notice thousands of people hurried to the Parliament Square.

Similar protests also took place across Britain including in Manchester, Edinburgh and Liverpool.

The protestors were chanting “ Save Our Democracy”. The timing of the prorogation of the British Parliament has been met with widespread criticism from across the cities of Britain and is being interpreted as a bid to limit the parliament’s ability to influence the Brexit outcome.


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