Detained and Jailed: Kashmir Youth in the Prisons of UP

Coronavirus in Indian Jail
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The abrogation of Article 370 and the removal of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir may have had a myriad implications for its people, but one of the most painful stories comes from those who have been detained and imprisoned in distant jails away from their friends and families. According to report published in The Indian Express, at least 300 people from the valley are being presently held in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The list of detainees include politicians from the National Conference and the Jammu and Kashmir People’s democratic Party, students, business persons and even a Supreme Court lawyer who often took anti-government stands.It is believed that the state of Uttar Pradesh presently holds 285 detainees from Jammu and Kashmir in its jails. Many people from the Valley were detained and sent to jails apparently in a move to prevent protests and law and order issues.

The Centre has not come up with the exact number of detainees but media reports suggest that the number is around 4,000. The Indian Express report suggests that the detainee from the Valley have been kept in separate barracks. The officials say that they may be allowed to meet their families in the days to come.

The government puts forth the argument that unlike what some media channels allege, only those youth have been detained who have a history if chronic stone eating and those who have been known to instigate people through their protests. Reports suggest that since the Valley’s jails are full, newly detained youth are being shifted to jails in different corners of India.


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