United Left Panel Emerges Victorious in JNUSU Polls

Image Source: The New Leam Archives

The student community in JNU is finally in a position to now accept its new office bearers after the Delhi High Court granted its election committee the permission to declare the results of the JNUSU elections that had been kept on hold.

The mood of celebration was delayed but could not be muted on the campus, as students in large numbers gathered to celebrate the victory of the United Left Front. The elections had been held on September 6 and the results were not declared as per the schedule on September 8. The delay in declaring the results had taken place due to the fact that the Delhi High Court was to hear two petitions regarding the JNUSU polls.

But after the hearing of both the petitions, the High Court disposed off both petitions. The results of the JNUSU polls kept in sync with the political currents that have been prevalent in the students’ politics on campus.  Aishe Ghosh of the Students’ Federation of India, who contested under the broader United Left Panel was chosen as the President of the JNUSU. The post of the Vice- President went to Left Panel’s Saket Moon, while Satish Yadav won the post of General Secretary and Mohammad Danish became the Joint-Secretary from the United Left Panel.

Last year too, the United Left Panel won all the four central posts. The United Left Panel composed of SFI,AISA,AISF and Democratic Students’ Federation.

The United Left Panel organised a joint victory march all across the campus in order to celebrate its victory.


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