Amit Shah says its Time to Teach the Tukde-tukde Gang a Lesson

Union Home Minister Amit Shah
Home Minister Amit Shah | Image - Wikimedi Commons [ File Image]

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has launched a fresh new attack on the Opposition parties, blaming them for organising Anti-CAA and NRC protests throughout the length and breadth of the country. Expressing his anger with the violence that has been erupting in various parts of the country against India’s new citizenship law, he has said that it is indeed time to teach Delhi’s tukde-tukde gang a lesson.

Mr Shah said, “ The Opposition parties instigated violence in Delhi and misled the public on Citizenship (Amendment) Act. Delhi’s tukde-tukde gang needs to be taught a lesson.”

It must be pointed out that the term tukde-tukde had been coined by the right wing party to attack the opposition and others who supported the opposition.


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