Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekar Azad Leads Massive Anti-CAA protests at Jama Masjid

Bharat bandh
Chandrashekar Azad

Despite an absence of permission, Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad led a massive protest against the contentious and controversial Citizenship(Amendment)Act that is seeing widespread backlash throughout the nation. He commenced the protest from Delhi’s Jama Masjid after the Friday prayers. Azad was on the radar of cops earlier in the day, but he successfully managed to reach gate no. 1 of the mosque in order to take part in the ongoing agitations. While being detained by the cops, Azad successfully managed to escape. Hundreds of people gathered to take part in the protests against the contentious Citizenship (Amendment)Act, a law dealing with the naturalisation of illegal immigrants that is seen as anti-Muslim by critics. The protests were led by the Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar Azad. The protests took place despite the fact that the police had denied Azad permission to conduct the protests. 

Fifty members of the Women’s Congress were detained and sent to Mandir Marg police for having agitated against the CAA outside Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s residence.

Earlier today, the Assam government had lifted the ban on mobile and internet services as the state remained largely peaceful after the violent disruptions that had taken place in the state just a couple of days ago.

Mobile and internet services continue to be banned in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka etc amidst the severe anti-CAA protests that have been wrecking across the country. Besides internet, mobile operators have suspended SMS services in places like Sambhal, Mau, Ghaziabad and Azamgarh districts, even as Section 144 of the CrPc, which bans the assembly of four or more people was already in force in the entire state for many days.

Thursday saw the death of one person due to the ongoing anti- CAA protest in Lucknow while two others also lost their lives in Mangalore after protests turned violent as thousands came on the streets despite the prohibitory orders. Assam saw the death of five persons including a minor in the protests.


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