CAA Protest Update/Police Kills Man in Self-Defence at UP’s Bijnor

CAA Protest Update Police Kills Man in Self-Defence at UP’s Bijnor
Suleman, Bijnor| Image - Social Media

BIJNOR| The Citizenship(Amendment) Act has sparked off a series of violent incidences across the length and breadth of the country.  While protests in many corners of the country have ended in violence, we have seen a series of protest demonstrations and vigils that also condemn all forms of violence.

Until Friday, Nehatur which is a small town in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor was largely peaceful but everything was to change very soon. Things began to change rapidly after the Friday prayers in the locality’s mosque. An argument erupted between the police and a local resident and then things became extremely violent as a clash broke out between the two parties.

In a confrontation between the police and the protestors, 21 year old Anas and 20 year old Suleiman were hit by bullets that were fired at them by the Uttar Pradesh police. The two were rushed to a local hospital where Anas was declared dead on arrival; and Suleiman succumbed to injuries while undergoing treatment.

Anas, has a son who is only 7 months old and it was in order to buy some milk for his son that he had stepped out of his home when the entire incident took place.

Priyanka Gandhi who discretely reached Nehataur on Sunday met with the family to offer her support but the family members said that such a support wasn’t enough.

Both Anas and Suleman have ben buried in villages 20 Kilometres from Nehtaur.


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