Citizenship Bill Will Ensure the Honour and Dignity of the Minorities, Says Home Minister Amit Shah

Home Minister Amit Shah

‘Muslims in India don’t need to worry’’, said Union Home Minister Amit Shah as the debate on the Citizenship(AmendmentBill began in the Rajya Sabha. He assured all present in the parliament that once the bill becomes law under the Modi government, it will give protection to prosecuted minorities from the three neighbouring nations. He stated, 

“ When Partition happened, it was thought the minorities will get civil rights and lead a normal life, that they will be able to practice their own religion and protect their women. But when we look back, we see what the truth really is. These people did not get their rights. They were either killed, converted or came to India, this bill will give citizenship to all such people.”

He also took upon the Opposition for the allegations that they had made about the bill being against the Muslim citizens of India. He asserted that misinformation has been spread in the country by the Opposition regarding the bill having an anti-Muslim character. He said that the bill had nothing to do with the Muslims. The Muslims in India were citizens of the country and wouldn’t be tortured under any circumstances. He added that it was impossible for India to invite Muslims from all over the world to come and live in India but those who have lived in India all their lives would not be touched.  He also added that the three countries were chosen because they were the ones that had been practice production against the minorities to a large extent. He also added that once the bill became a law, the Narendra Modi government would ensure all status and provisions which will give the minorities an honourable life and they would no longer need to live their lives under anxiety.

As the debate in the Rajya Sabha progressed,  Congress leader Anand Sharma put forward his party’s stand on the CAB and said that it was against the very secular fabric of the country and devalued the foundational premise of the constitution. He also added that such a bill was against the Republic of India and hurt the soul of the country.

The government is presently trying to make the Citizenship Bill a law by getting it passed in both the Houses of the parliament. It has already been cleared by the Lok Sabha. The Lok Sabha passed the bill with 311 members voting for it and 80 voting against it.

PM Modi spoke in defence of the bill by saying that it would give permanent relief to people who had fled religious prosecution from three countries in India’s neighbourhood: Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The bill, PM Modi told his party’s lawmakers from the two Houses, will be written in golden letters.


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