Mamata Banerjee Challenges BJP for UN-Monitored Referendum on CAA


Union Minister Prakash Javedkar has demanded an apology from West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for suggesting a UN-monitored referendum on the amended citizenship law which has led to massive protests and demonstrations throughout the country.

Mr. Javedkar said, “ It is shocking that Mamata Banerjee is taking about referendum. Who is the UN body to monitor the referendum? This is an insult to the 130 crore people of the country and their mandate. Mamata should apologise.”

While addressing a massive rally in Kolkata on Thursday, Mamata Banerjee had given an open dare to the BJP to go in for a UN-monitored referendum on the contentious CAA

She had said, “ If the BJP has guts, it should go for UN-monitored referendum on the amended Citizenship Act and the NRC. If the BJP uses this mass vote, then it should step down from the government.”

Javedkar said that it was quite patsenthic that some leaders were trying to create a confusion about the CAA.  And in response to it, he said 

“ CAA is about inclusion and not exclusion. They are talking in the language of Pakistan. There are some elements who are causing confusion. We are trying to reach out to people with the right approach.”

Union Minsiter G Kishan Reddy said,

“Mamata Banerjee is irresponsibly seeking the involvement of the United Nations. This is inviting foreign countries to interfere in our affairs. I don’t now why she is making such irresponsible comments as the chief minster of a state.”

Students, activists, general public and politicians throughout the country have been protesting against the contentious CAA. 

Now, the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee seems to have rolled back on her statement seeking a United Nations monitored referendum on the contentious CAA that is seeing huge protests across the country.

The BJP has hit back at Ms Banerjee demanding an apology from her at the earliest. In her defence she said that she was only referring to an “opinion poll.” She said “ I did not say referendum. I said Gana vote. I meany an opinion poll overseen by experts like the Human Rights Commission. I have full faith on my country and its people. I want an opinion poll on the CAA and NRC.”

She also said on Thursday, “Lets have a vote. Just because you are majority, you can do just about anything. You are terrorising all, the pillars of the society.”

Students, activists, citizens and politicians from all across the country have been taking part in protests and demonstrations against the new citizenship bill and have been coming out on the streets against its contentious implications.  Mamata Banerjee was among the first politicians to oppose the CAA with such strong words and also one of the first few chief ministers to say that the act would not be allowed to get implemented in her state. 


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