Jamia Millia Islamia Students Clash with Police During Anti-CAB March to Parliament.

Students protesting against CAB. Image Source - Twitter

The students of Jamia Milia Islamia started a protest march against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act but were stopped by the Delhi police this afternoon. The protest was blocked by putting barricades outside the campus and protestors were attacked with tear gas and were lathi charged. It is reported that many students who were trying to cross the barricades were brutally lathi charged and detained by the police.

The University students assert that they had notified the authorities about the march to the Parliament against the CAB in advance but were stopped from reaching their destination nevertheless.  Source have revealed that around 2000 students were protesting against  the CAB and were part of the march to the Parliament.

The DMRC had temporarily closed exist and entry gates of the Patel Chowk and Janpath metro students due to the student’s protest against the bill.


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