10,000 Camels to be Killed for Drinking too much Water in Drought-Stricken Australia

10,000 Camels will be slaughtered in drought-stricken Australia JBurst@Twitter

In a condemnable and deeply shocking development from Australia, more than 10,000 camels will be shot by a team of professionals because they are known to consume large quantities of water. Australia is presently experiencing one of the worst droughts in its history and the government feels that culling of the camel population in the country is an important measure to save the already scant resource of water in drought stricken Australia. 

Culling is a practice of segregating organisms from a group according to desired or undesired characteristics and then attempting at a reduction of the population through selective slaughter. The plan is that the camels will be shot and killed by professional shooters aboard helicopters. It is a step being taken to prevent the animals from drinking too much water in the drought impacted regions. 

There have been numerous reactions on the proposed and planned slaughtering of the animals in drought stricken Australia. Many people throughout the globe have expressed their anger and concern over the draconian and inhuman practice that is soon to unfold in Australia. 

Nearly half a billion animals have recently died in Australia in tragic bushfires that have engulfed the country. 

The culling of the camels will start from January 8 and will be implemented after leaders from South Australia gave a nod to the project. The situation is the worst in South Australia. Reports suggest that the camel population of the country is estimated to be around 1.2 million. We are also told that the population of camels doubles every nine years and hence the Australian government has decided to finally cull them.

The order to kill 10,000 camels was given after local residents complained that they had been entering residential communities and had been creating havoc in search for water resources. 

Another reason that is being given to cull the camels is that these animals emit methane equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide per year. The operation to bring down the population of camels in Australia through the process of culling is expected to take a total of five days. Australian sources reveal that if the culling is not done, the camel population would double in the coming few years and create a greater crisis for Australia. 


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