Japanese Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa Invites Online Applications for “Life-Partner”

Yusaku Maezawa
Yusaku Maezawa

It may sound like the plot of a science fiction movie but jokes apart, the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is indeed looking for a “special someone” to undertake a space voyage alongside him to the moon!

Yusaku Maezawa is a Japanese business owner and art curator who recently split with his girlfriend and soon after he launched an online campaign to search for a female “life partner” who would like to accompany him on a slingshot trip around the moon scheduled in 2023.

In his online appeal to all the women folk of the world, Maezawa wrote, 

“ As feelings of loneliness and emptiness slowly begin to surge upon me, there is one thing that  I think about: continuing to love one woman. I want to find a life partner. With the future partner of mine, I want to shout our love and world peace from outer space.”

Yusaku Maezawa is the founder of Japan’s popular online shopping website called Zozotown and has an estimated wealth of $2 billion as reported in the Forbes.

While most Japanese entrepreneurs tend to put in the public domain their more conservative sides, Yusaku Maezawa is known to be quite eccentric as far as his public image is concerned. He made global headlines in 2018, when Elon Musk’s SpaceX revealed the he had chartered a flight aboard the Company’s Big Falcon Rocket.

The Big Falcon Rocket has a launch target this year, according to the SpaceX website.

In a project that he named “Dear Moon”, art curator and businessman Maezawa plans to take a handful of artists to the moon and inspire them to create new forms of art.

In an interview with the CNN, Maezawa said, “What I want to do is shown people of Earth just how beautiful our planet is by taking artists up there, so they can convey that beauty to the world.”

He also said that he is looking for a woman of his dreams to go on a lunar voyage with him and to seriously explore the idea of continually loving one woman.  The conditions that he put out on his website for all those women around the world, who would love to be with Maezawa included that they should be aged twenty or above, they should have a bright personalty, be positive in thinking, be interested in going to space, and have a strong desire for “world peace.” 

The deadline for application is January 17, the final selections will reveal the results by the end of March. Applicants are asked to provide details of their height, job profile, hobbies, special skills, selling points, their impression of Maezawa and a photo of themselves. 

The matchmaking search will be filmed for a new documentary, “Full Moon Lovers” which will be shown on streaming service AbemaTV. What is extremely interesting to observe is the fact that applications have been flowing in and women across the world are showing an interest in becoming Yasaku Maezawa’s partner. More than 20,000 applications have already been received.. While Yasaku Maezawa’s search for a life partner may soon come to an end, what we do need to understand is the fact that training and orientation of astronauts is a long drawn and extremely exhaustive process and this alone prepares them to undertake a journey into outer space. Only recently, NASA unveiled its latest class of trained astronauts-seven men and seven women-who would be considered for future missions to the Moon and Mars on NASA missions. With space missions and the training of astronauts being such a long drawn and exhaustive process, it would remain interesting to see whether Maezawa’s dream of undertaking a voyage to the moon with his “life partner” can really come true!


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