Keep Children Away from Protests or Face Action: Lucknow CWC Warns Parents at Clock Tower

Lucknow Clock Tower
Lucknow Tower is witnessing anti-CAA protests in line with Delhi's Shaheen Bagh Image:Social Media

In an interesting new update to the ongoing nationwide anti-CAA protests, the Child Welfare Committee(CWC)on Lucknow has issued a warning to all parents. 

It has asked all parents who are coming along with their children to participate in the ongoing anti-CAA protests at the city’s Clock Tower to go back home with their children. The CWC noted that since many parents had been bringing along their children to the protest site, their studies were being disturbed and they were not being able to access the meals provided at the school. 

The parents have been warned by the CWC to go back home along with their children and begin sending them to school or else be prepared to face action. 

The notice that was issued on Wednesday said that several children were at the dharma site and not in school which had distributed their meals(provided by the school) and their academic activities.

The notice issued by the CWC says, “Therefore, in the best interest of children and to ensure that there is no mental stress on them, it is necessary that they are immediately removed from the dharma site or else action will be taken under Section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act.”

The notice also remained the parents that anybody who was below the age of 18 was considered a child as per the Juvenile Justice Act,2015 and the CWC has to work to make sure that their childhood and education are not comprised on.

The notice read, “In view of this, the CWC orders all such families protesting with their families near the Clock Tower to immediately send them home so that their normal routine may be restored.”

The stir against the contentious CAA began at Lucknow’s Clock Tower in lines of Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh which too has been protesting against the NRC and CAA since the last one month.


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