The Curious Case of Andhra Pradesh and its Three Capitals

Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Reddy
Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Reddy chaired a Cabinet meeting on the need to decentralise and construct three state capitals. Image:Twitter

The Opposition may be staging frequent protests, but despite the backlash the Andhra Pradesh Assembly has proposed to have three state capitals. The three proposed state capitals shall be Visakhatpatnam, Kurnool and Amravati. The state government underlines that by doing so, it would become easier for it to achieve the target of decentralisation of power. The Andhra Pradesh Decentralisation and Equal Development of All Regions Act, 2020 was introduced by the Minister for Municipal Administration and Urban Development B Satyanarayana. The discussion was initiated by Finance Minister B Rajendranath on the Bill and stated that the government like to introduce zonal development by introducing the division of the state into four zones with each zone having three to four districts within its ambit. This they argued would ensure a tendency towards balanced and egalitarian development of all the zones.  The government also plans to create zonal development boards which would recommend how to accelerate and encourage growth in their zones. Amravati will be the legislative capital, Visakhapatnam will be the executive capital and Kurnol will be the judicial capital. The Raj Bhawan and the Secretariat will also be shifted to Visakhapatnam The Jagmohan Reddy government had introduced the Bill to this effect on Monday in the assembly. The cabinet had approved the proposal earlier in the state during its meeting at the state secretariat. After the cabinet, the legislative assembly business advisory met and cleared the bill. The government has repeatedly underlined that such a bill is necessary to ensure balanced and uniform development and lead to inclusive growth across all the zones of the state. Many protestors  have gathered outside the state assembly demanding that the Jagan Reddy government tale back the proposal. However, the Jagan government has shown firm commitment to carry out tis project for decentralisation.


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