Will Arvind Kejriwal’s Poll Promise Win Him Votes?

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi is gearing up for the upcoming election season and all the major political contenders are busy announcing candidates, preparing manifestos and wooing the residents of Delhi to cast votes in their favour. Amidst this election hustle bustle, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has released a “guarantee card” listing 10 promises. These promises listed in the “guarantee card” include things like free bus rides for students and deployment of “mohalla marshals” for women’s safety. CM Kejriwal promises the people of Delhi ten such things, if they bring him back to power. The card is called “10 guarantees of Kejriwal”. Among a list of several other promises, is that of continuing the scheme for free electricity for unto 200 unites, free health facilities, planting of saplings, cleaning up the Yamuna and reducing pollution levels in Delhi for the coming five years.

In a statement, CM Kejriwal went ahead and said, “ I am giving 10 guarantees to the people of Delhi. This is not a manifesto. We will launch a complete manifesto in 7-10 days. The manifesto will have more things specifically for students, teachers among others. This will be for everyone.”

Arvind Kejriwal said, “The Opposition is saying that many of our schemes will only last till March 31, so his is our guarantee that these schemes will continue for the next five years. Twenty-four hours electricity will continue and 200 unites of free electricity will continue.

The guarantee card issued by Kejriwal also promised more than 11,000 more buses and to enhance the length of the Delhi Metro network to over 500 km.

It will remain to be seen whether Arvind Kejriwal is actually able to woo voters in Delhi and make the most out of the election season.


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