AAP Leads in Constituencies that Saw Anti-CAA Stir, Walks Towards Clear Mandate

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

Leading in Constituencies of Anti-CAA protests, AAP Gets Clear Public Mandate with a clear win for the AAP, here is a look at the fate of the seats that saw Anti-CAA mobilisations. 

After a prolonged and neck deep battle for power in Delhi, it is the Arvind Kejriwal led AAP government which has been voted back to power by the people of Delhi. 

More than two hours into counting, and there seems to be no doubt that Arvind Kejriwal’s party is going to have an easy sweep in the Capital. But what also cannot be neglected is the fact that the BJP has radically improved its tally from the last assembly election and has secured far more seats than it could last time, Deputy CM Manish Sisodhia is now trailing from Patparganj by a margin of 1400 votes. 

In Kalkaji, AAP star candidate Atishi has managed to regain a lead by a thin margin of 6 seats. 

In Okhla which was the epicentre of protests against the contentious CAA, AAP’s Amanatullah has picked up a lead of 5,000 votes.

It is difficult to ignore that in many seats, the margin between the AAP and the BJP is very thin. In seats like Shahadra, the BJP is ahead only by five votes and in Hari Nagar, AAP’s Tajinder Bagga is ahead by just 56 votes. 

CM Arvind Kejriwal is leading from the New Delhi seat, while BJP’s OP Sharma is leading in Vishwas Nagar. The only hope for the Congress which performed terribly was Harun Yusuf from Ballimaran who was briefly ahead of the other contenders. Sadly, it is clear that the Congress is now headed for another five years without even a single MLA in Delhi.

What is interesting to observe is that even while the public mandate became increasingly clear, Delhi BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari exuded a great amount of confidence and said that BJP would have a comfortable victory with 55 seats. Contrary to what was claimed, the AAP is clearly the people’s mandate. But what happened in the constituencies that saw Anti-CAA protests?

The Okhla constituency in Delhi houses the epicentre of Anti-CAA protests, which is Shaheen Bagh and from there the AAP is a clear winner with Amanatullah Khan leading with a great margin against the BJP’s Graham Singh.

 Seelampur is another Muslim dominated area which also saw violence during the Anti-CAA protests on December 17 2019. Here AAP’s Abdul Rehman is leading.

In Matia Mahal which also experienced Anti- CAA violence, AAP’s Shohaib Iqbal is ahead. In Mustafabad constituency, it is the sitting BJP MLA Jagadish Pradhan who is leading by a thick margin of 30,000 votes.

The residents of Delhi have once against reinstalled faith in AAP and brought it back to power with a comfortable margin. What will remain to be seen is to what extent AAP is able to live up to the faith that people have shown in it and to what extent it is able to keep up the constructive efforts of the last two tenures.


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