American President Donald Trump’s Visit to Stress Camaraderie with PM Modi

US President Donald Trump

The country is gearing up to welcome the American President Donald Trump. Donald Trump is scheduled to make a 36 hour long visit to India and spend his time in Ahmedabad, Agra and Delhi. The American President will only be making a visit to India n this tour and wouldn’t make a visit to neighbouring country Pakistan despite its role in bringing Taliban to the negotiating table recently. In other words, Donald Trump is also making a visit to India in order to declare to the people of the world that the US would be training India in countering terrorism. The US is scheduled to set up a counter terrorism training centre in India and as part of an agreement on homeland security to be signed in Delhi on February 25,  under the keen eyes of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and American President Donald Trump.

What this training will entail and how it will be carried out have not been revealed in the public domain yet and the details of this program are still under wraps. But this becomes all the more significant due to Donald Trump’s refusal to go to Pakistan.

It is to be noted that Donald Trump is not the first American President who has refused to make a visit to neighbouring country Pakistan while on a visit to Idia-Barack Obama didn’t go to Pakistan either, in both his visits to India in 2010 and 2015. But Trump’s refusal to go to Pakistan is a little more surprising because hows Pakistan for putting its weight behind a pact between the US and Taliban by having brought the Taliban to the talking table through these many months. This would help Trump to fulfil his campaign promise and exit from Afghanistan.

Indian authorities ar highly impressed by Trump’s decision and political analysts see it as an important indicator in the arena of world politics. The visit of the American President is also important for the Modi government because it gives one more opportunity to convey the message of a close and intimate alliance with America and convey that Mr. Trump is a close friend of PM Modi. The Trump spectacle across Ahmedabad, Agra and Delhi will surely paint the picture of a camaraderie between the two leader. PM Modi has left no chance to woo President Donald Trump. Ahmedabad and Delhi will constitute the fifth meeting between the two since May 2019 after the G-20 meeting in Osaka, the G-7 meeting in Biarritz and their bilateral meeting on New York close to the United Nations General Assembly.


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