Citizens Protest at India Gate Against Communal Riots in Capital 

Delhi violence
Groups of concerned people came together at the India Gate to assert themselves against communal rioting in Delhi over last two days.

As the news of heightened violence in the northeastern areas of the Capital spread like wildfire, hundreds of concerned citizens from different walks of life came together and assembled at India Gate to mark a silent protest against the ongoing riots in Delhi. These concerned citizens who assembled at Delhi’s India Gate on Tuesday evening lighted candles and held a silent protest to mark their disproval or the ongoing violence in Delhi under the nose of the police. 

The violence in Delhi has claimed more than 20 lives including that of a head constable and more than 25o people have been left severely inured during the clashes. 

Those who had assembled at the India Gate for a peaceful protest demonstration against the communal riots taking place in Delhi began with the observation of a minute’s silence in remembrance of those who had lost their lives in these clashes and those who had been severely injured and admitted to various hospitals across the city. A Delhi resident who declared himself as Dushyanat addressed the crowd which had assembled at India Gate.

He said, “ We will not forget whose doorstep this hatred came from to the streets of Delhi. We will forget what has happened to this country because of the hatred that has been sown inside its soil.” He also alleged that the violence had led to the loss of ordinary lives  and blamed the Delhi Police and the administration for lack of action and inability to bring the mob under control. As the group of protestors who had assembled at India Gate to protests against the ongoing communal frenzy were not allowed to enter the monument by the police, they sat and protested near a police barricade. They were seen lighting candles and protesting peacefully at the site.


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