Amid Unprecedented Health Emergency, India Invites Volunteer Doctors

Coronavirus Pandemic
Image by Thor Deichmann from Pixabay

In the wake of the challenge faced by the country in the wake of COVID-19 and the already persistent lack of doctors and medical personnel, the government has announced that it is in need of voluntary doctors. 

The government has said that it is in need of volunteer doctors to fight the coronavirus pandemic which has already infected nearly 600 people in the country and taken more than 19,000 lives across the world.

This statement requiring more and more doctors to come forward and volunteer in tase difficult times was posted on the website of the Niti Aayog’s website

The government has appealed to the retired government, Armed Forces Medical Services, public sector undertaking or a private doctor to come forward and join the efforts of the government to fight the deadly virus.

The website mentions that the doctors who wish to come forward for the people of their nation in these hard times should register themselves on a link provided on the official website of the Niti Aayog.

The statement read, “ The Government of India requests for volunteer doctors who are fit and willing to be available for providing their services in the public health facilities and the training hospitals in the near future. We appeal to such doctors to come forward at this hour of need. You could also be a retired government, Armed Forces Medical Services, public sector undertaking or a private doctor.”

The statement also said that if more and more people began to get infected in India, it would need a much lager number of doctors and healthcare practitioners to deal with the crisis as the load on the healthcare infrastructure would keep growing with time in order to cater diligently to the patients.

The statement added, “ The overwhelming burden may not be met by the available doctors in the public health system. 

The Central and state governments are augmenting and expediting increase in healthcare services in every part of the country. In addition, COVID-19 ‘train hospitals’ are being created in this regard.”

Presently, the nation is going through an unprecedented crisis and this is nothing less than a public health emergency. 

The pandemic has affected many people across the nation. Both the Central and the state governments are making efforts to combat the crisis and urging the sincere participation of citizens in facing this global challenge without panic and with abidance to government issued regulations for combating the spread of COVID-19.

The cases in the country have already crossed 600 and the authorities have beefed up preparedness to deal with the crisis and emerge stronger to battle this pandemic.

 A chain of hospitals of the Army ordinance factories and central paramilitary forces are making over 2,000 beds for the isolation and treatment of people affected by the virus. Moreover, in Himachal Pradesh the administration has taken all the ten hospitals with 2,000 rooms from the NIT for converting them into isolation wards for infected patients.

In Kolkata, a 2,200 bed hospital run by the government has stopped admitting new patients who are suffering from other ailments and has even discharged those whose healths are improving in order to create a dedicated isolation centre for the people infected by COVID-19.


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