Baba Ramdev’s Mass Surya Namaskar in Goa in Times of Social Distancing

Baba Ramdev [ File Image]

We are finding ourselves at a time when the concept of social distancing is regaining currency in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and nation-states across the world are asking people to refrain from social gatherings and public places. 

This is important because crowded locations and big gatherings can make people more vulnerable to getting infected by the coronavirus and once community transmissions become the norm, it will become even more difficult to contain and control the spread of coronavirus.

 Amidst such times, the decision made by self-styled Goodman Baba Ramdev to hold a “mass surya namaskar” on April 20 in Goa is raising concerns. 

Baba Ramdev is planning to  conduct a mass surya namaskar exercise involving school students in Goa. The event is scheduled to be held at the GMC athletic stadium. 

At a time when social distancing is being expected from citizens to contain the spread of coronavirus and several parts of India have also begun to see a lockdown, Baba Ramdev’s plan is absurd and unwanted.

According to a report carried out in Times of India, the state government has issued circulars to various schools asking them to send students for the event that is likely to make it to the world book of records. 

The rehearsals for the event are scheduled from April 15-19. 

The circular for this event was issued on the same date when the schools across the country cancelled school examinations and even the board examinations for the case 12 students.

 The students are set to perform 108 sets of surya namaskar. The organisers of the event are Patanjali Yogpeeth and Bharat Swabhimaan Trust.


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